How to become a model

There are many aspiring people who have good looks and wanna be a professional model.

There are two types: 1. Freelance model, who does marketing of his own professional photos to clients/production houses, etc. 2. A model represented by a model management/agency.

What you need to be a model: One needs a professional Portfolio which is equivalent to a CV/Resume used to get a job in industry. One also need good looks and meet the requirements of the agencies(if want to join a agency).

Last step is distribution of portfolio to production houses, casting teams, etc(for freelance). For them who want to join agency is to contact good agencies and send them portfolio on their respective emails or numbers.

Agencies in India:1: Toabh, 2: purple thoughts, 3:Inega,etc these are agencies in India. You can search for them on Google simply typing their names, or on social media handles.

No money is needed for entering into industry. Many fraud agency ask for registration fees or artist card fees. These are fake. Beware from fraud.


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